Believing everything is explainable is a human weakness

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Smart monkeys have it all figured out

It’s absolutely true there are many things our current knowledge of the universe cannot explain. Through the centuries, we humans have been able to understand and explain a mind-boggling list of things, from thunderstorms to wounds getting infected, that our terrified ancestors could only attribute to the action of god(s). But with all our brains and theories and scientific apparatus, some questions still remain, including the simplest and most fundamental one of all: how come we’re here?

There’s a good reason for not getting it

Speaking of our quest for impossible answers necessarily takes us back to that most fundamental question of all, ‘why are we here?’. Millenia of accumulated knowledge have enabled us to answer many aspects of it by figuring out things like the formation of Earth, the appearance of life and the evolution of species, pushing the answer ‘because god/the universe wanted it’ further and further away.

Chaos sounds about right

Don’t get me wrong. Even among the things we are capable of understanding, science does not and cannot explain everything. Human knowledge is very incomplete and it’s clear that there is more than meets the eye out there. When you look at a cookie, a rock or a dog, how could you possibly infer that they are made up of trillions of minute, constantly vibrating spheres? It’s so counter-intuitive it seems wrong. Yet there they are: we’ve seen them, weighed them, even split them open: atoms exist even though we didn’t know about them for most of our existence as humans — and they existed for all the time there wasn’t anyone in the universe capable of even conceiving their existence.

Photo by Catherine Poh Huay Tan. Source: Flickr



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Patrick H.

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