Earth’s failed self-regulation attempts confirm a scary thought: we alone are in charge

Photo Frank Kiesel

Unsustainable invulnerability

Looking at Covid-19 from our human-centric point of view, all we see is catastrophe — and don’t get me wrong, I am truly sorry if you or anyone close to you has been badly affected by the pandemic — when the catastrophe isn’t the pandemic itself but the huge imbalance it reveals: the fact that humanity has reached such a level of invulnerability that diseases hardly make a dent in its numbers.

Mask mandate in 1918…

Surviving doesn’t fix anything

Which brings us back to humankind’s most terrifying revelation: we’re alone. We’re like kids who’ve been having a blast wrecking the house and emptying the cookie jar, only to realize no parents will be coming home to clean up and feed us real food. But let’s try and look at the bright side: the Covid-19 pandemic is like one of the kids getting injured and all the other ones starting to realize it might be a good idea to wise up and take better care of our house before we do more irreversible damage.



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Patrick H.

Patrick H.

French-American citizen of the world based in Paris. Former music journalist turned editorial content creator and concerned dweller of Earth.